Purpose of the Safari Park
  1. Conservation and development of rare and endangered wildlife of Bangladesh in and out of their habitats.

  2. Creating opportunities for recreation, education and scientific research.

  3. Creation of orchards of edible fruits, fodder, and mixed species suitable for wildlife.

  4. To create and preserve safe habitats for endangered wildlife such as monkeys, maya deer, beji, banrui, tigers, forest cats, rabbits, foxes, geckos and pythons.

  5. Create opportunities for conservation and breeding of rare and endangered mammals such as tigers, leopards, sambar deer, maya deer, chitra deer, para deer and other herbivorous wildlife.

  6. Preserving the natural environment of endangered and extinct wildlife such as Asian elephants, migratory birds, aquatic birds, wild goats, lions, sloth bears, black bears, freshwater crocodiles, saltwater crocodiles, blue cows, hippopotamuses etc.

  7. Establishment of wildlife services and hospitals for the treatment of injured and rescued wildlife.

  8. Creating mass awareness on wildlife conservation across the country.